Trophy Makers

Changing the Taxidermy Game

Trophy Makers is an innovative app that aims to provide the best marketplace for taxidermists and hunters to showcase and view samples of their work. With this app, users can create a profile and share images of their trophies and mounts with other members of the community. The app's sleek and intuitive interface allows users to easily browse through a vast collection of high-quality images and even purchase items directly through the platform. Trophy Makers has added a fresh and interesting dynamic to the often thought of "bland" world of taxidermy by connecting enthusiasts from all over the world in one place.

The app's emphasis on high-quality images and ease of use makes it an essential tool for both taxidermists and hunters. It allows taxidermists to showcase their skills and attract new clients, while hunters can share their achievements and connect with others who share their passion. Trophy Makers has made it possible for both groups to easily browse through a wide variety of samples and make informed decisions when choosing a taxidermist or deciding on a hunting destination.

Overall, Trophy Makers has revolutionized the taxidermy world by providing a platform for enthusiasts to connect, share their work, and exchange ideas. Its easy-to-use interface, high-quality images, and vast collection of trophies and mounts make it the go-to app for anyone interested in this unique art form. Whether you are a seasoned taxidermist or a newcomer to the world of hunting, Trophy Makers has something to offer.

Meet Jessica, Founder and Chief Advocate

Jessica Baladad is a 3-year cancer survivor who became a passionate advocate after a practitioner dismissed a malignant lump in her breast during a clinical exam.

Thankfully, Jessica learned how to do a self breast exam after having a benign tumor removed while she was in college, and it was a routine she maintained throughout adulthood. Two weeks after her clinical appointment, Jessica was doing a self exam in the shower when she found a lump, the same lump her practitioner failed to tell her about and documented as “normal.”

Jessica was later diagnosed with Stage 2B invasive ductal carcinoma. She underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, 24 rounds of radiation, a hysterectomy and a 10-hour flap reconstruction.

She started Feel For Your Life as a social media outreach project to encourage women to be their breast health advocates, and in 2021, Jessica became the first breast cancer survivor to create an app that provides resources for doing self breast exams and getting screened, allows you to track and monitor their changes, and lets users set reminders for doing self exams.

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