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Coaches, consultants, content creators and online businesses are awakening to the power, flexibility and utility of mobile apps.


Don't get left behind...

Are We?

Dapper Mobile Apps is a mobile app development & marketing agency focused on helping coaches and online content creators consolidate their content & communities, automate their fulfillment and multiply their impact through mobile apps.

This is creation done right.

Consolidate your coaching business in your own app - that is our specialty!

What can an app
Do For You?

Amplify Your Reach

Traditional marketing avenues are flooded. The right presence in the App Store changes things.

Grow Your List

Collect your audience's contact information and fill your funnels/automation sequence.

Create Differently

Stand out from your competition in a way that is bold and incredibly sophisticated.

Consolidate Content

House your video & audio content in one, easily-accessible place for your members.

Multiply Yourself

Stop taking coaching/sales calls at all hours of the day. Sell, fulfill and guide all at once.

Contact Everywhere

Make it easier than ever for your clients to send inquiries, access their materials and get results.

Meet The

Middletown Headshots-11
Dan Hafner

CEO & Founder

Dan has been creating apps since 2017 and loves every single second of it!


Our Latest

Building An App Is Challenging!

Are You Ready To Start Your Own App? Can you copy & paste? Can you type & click? If you answered “yes” to either or both of those questions, you can build a mobile app!   With the proliferation and advent of “no-code” technology, it has become easier than ever to build, launch and grow…

Why A Mobile App? Why Now?

With the way the world is going…the question becomes “can you afford not to?” Ever wish you had been the person who thought of the idea for Tik Tok? Or Robinhood? Or SnapChat.   Don’t we all…   But seriously….it’s 2021 and we are one entire year into the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t checked…

Tool vs. Resource Apps

Tool vs. Resource App – What’s the Difference? Mobile apps have been proliferating throughout the world for years now, but when we take a step back and consider what they truly are, every app falls into one of two buckets. Tool or Resource. Yep – that’s it. Think about every single app you have on…

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